The big news of this week is certainly that the Los Angeles Angels essentially released who many consider a legend in 1B/DH Albert Pujols out of the last bit of his 10-year contract.

Now, this isn’t the same home run hitter that we are all familiar with over the years.

After all, Pujols has blasted 667 home runs and also has 2112 runs batted in. Even so, this last season of that 10-year contract has been lackluster at best.

A .198 average, five home runs and 12 runs batted in are not very good numbers. This in 92 plate appearances on the season.

Pujols is 41-years-old and is obviously on the back-end of this legendary career. Many wonder if the slugger would make any type of difference on this current Cleveland Indians team?

Right now, the Indians are 17-13 and are coming off a sweep of the Kansas City Royals on the road. It was actually the first time in 48 years of Kauffman Stadium existing that the Indians swept a four-game series in that park.

The Indians’ loss off a no-hitter just goes to show just how desperate this team is for some type of hitting. Even with the sweep against the Royals, it goes to show there is so much more that needs work on.


Now, the financials within the possibility of Pujols to Cleveland are essentially null and void. The Angels will have to pay the legend for the rest of this season. It’s the last of the $254 million dollar contract signed towards the end of 2011.

The Tribe may give him the league minimum for a deal of sorts to make it work out.

The benefits of Pujols coming to Cleveland are simply the interest a name like that brings to this organization that could always use more fans in the stadium (Covid permitting).

Pujols would have to be okay with splitting time with other players on the roster, especially with how the team is playing so well as of late.

Many fans are citing the Indians’ 2013 signing of another home-run-hitting-legend in Yankees bopper Jason Giambi and how that benefitted the team. Who could forget the walk off home run and energy that man brought to this team?

Well, only time will tell what happens with Pujols and which team he ends up signing with in the coming days or weeks. There is still a ton of baseball to be played this season and he could help a squad compete for a playoff spot, or it could be a complete miss, too. This is a true hit-or-miss idea and the Indians would have to be willing to take that risk.