The Indians Remain Hamstrung in Their Hopeful Efforts to Keep Francisco Lindor

Zach Shafron

Cleveland Indians fans are certainly getting nervous about the upcoming payout that star shortstop Francisco Lindor is due to receive. This year, it would have been $17.5 million (it'll be less due to the shortened season), and then next season will be the last of arbitration.

At 28-years-old and in 2022, Lindor becomes an unrestricted free agent with the ability to sign a contract and play for any team.

Last season, Lindor hit .284 with 32 home runs and 74 runs batted in. Additionally, the man is absolutely stellar with the glove at shortstop.

Recently, the sports world was rocked when quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs signed a contract that could be worth upwards of 500 million over the next 10 years.

What is craziest about this transaction is that the National Football League has a salary cap. Major League Baseball does not. Thus, owners can pay their players any amount without a limitation set by the league.

When it comes to players like Lindor, this gives bigger market teams the advantage over a club such as the Indians. The New York Yankees have no limitations on what they could offer the shortstop heading into that 2022 season.

The Indians have some hindrances when it comes to finances and what the owners can afford to payout.

This is why most star players end up leaving Cleveland and other smaller market teams for more money at some point in their respective careers.

Fans are hoping Lindor doesn’t go down that same path after next season. It is a matter of if the Indians’ owners are willing to pay the superstar, or if Lindor is able to take a hometown discount.

Losing Lindor would be absolutely devastating for the Indians. That is the heart and soul of this team and replacing such a star would be next to impossible.

Hopefully, the Indians and Francisco will be able to work something out for the long term. It was, is, and remains very unlikely.