Indians catcher Roberto Perez is one of the more lovable members of the Cleveland ball club. 

The 32-year-old stands at 5’11, weighs 220 pounds and is an excellent catcher defensively. Bebo really works well with the various Indians pitchers. 

Thus, a big reason for their success throughout the season.

The big problem with Perez as this year continues is the lowly batting average of .131, three home runs and nine runs batted in. 

Those numbers are simply not acceptable for a player that is thrusted in the starting
lineup on a regular basis.

In Perez’s last seven games, that batting average decreases to a .038 mark. Only one hit in 26 total at-bats.

Perez did sustain an injury to his right finger when the Indians were playing in Chicago. This was due to a miscommunication with reliever James Karinchak on a pitch that went a different way than expected. 

Even so, Perez was able to come back and play in just a few days. Regardless, one has to wonder if the injury to the finger has anything to do with this horrific performance at the plate as of late. 

It cannot be easy for the right-hander to hit with a finger that is hurt.

For many, the pros such as stellar defense, great communication with pitchers and the ability to throw out runners trying to steal, outweigh those aforementioned cons at the plate. 

That is why Perez has and will remain in the lineup even with the lowly average.

Many will look and hope for some sort of spark at the plate as the season continues. It is important that Perez is not an ‘automatic out’ when batting in the big leagues. That cannot and will not help the Indians compete for a playoff spot.

The Tribe currently have close to a .500 record and that is much better than many people expected at the beginning of this season. Certainly, Perez’s ability to work with the pitchers helps, but the hitting must improve. 

Without an increase in plate performance the offense will certainly suffer.

Using the excuse that Perez’s defense and work with the pitchers will only work for so long. The catcher is going to have to produce at the plate in the coming weeks.