Amazin' Clubhouse

Ex-Met Matt Harvey questioned by DEA about drug overdose death of Angels’ Pitcher Tyler Skaggs

Matt Harvey has had a tough time since he left Queens.

As first reported by the Los Angeles Times, Matt Harvey was among at least six current and former Angels players who were interviewed by the DEA to determine if opioids were present in the team's clubhouse during the time of the tragic death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs. 

Harvey is in no way implicated in any involvement in illegal activity, but during his time with the Amazin's, his wild and outlandish lifestyle became a distraction during his time in New York. 

While Harvey was never directly linked to drug use, his habitual binge drinking and late nights became a tired act, especially when his performance on the mound began to slip.

Skaggs, 27, was found dead in his hotel room in Texas on July 1 with traces of opioids, fentanyl , and oxycodone along with alcohol in his system. Skaggs' death sent shockwaves throughout Major League Baseball. 

The opioid epidemic in the United States has reached frightening levels and there's no end in sight. As the DEA looks to determine whether there was systemic drug use in the Angels clubhouse, Federal agents are searching for answers to stop the importation of these drugs and distribution in our country. Eric Kay, the Angels director of communication gave the DEA at least five other names of players he believed were opiate users during their time playing with the Angels.