New York Mets First Baseman Pete Alonso Snubbed for Silver Slugger Award

Justin Rimpi

On Thursday Major League Baseball announced the Silver Slugger Award winners from all around the sport, but there was one glaring omission.

New York Mets first baseman Pete Alosno lost out on the Silver Slugger for first baseman in the National League to Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman.

These two men were the best first baseman in the National League all season, and it was a very close decision as to who would win this prestigious award. 

With that being said, Alonso still should have been given the edge over Freeman. The determining factor that may have given Freeman the Silver Slugger over Alonso was the success of his team being greater than the Mets.

Both of the men were as reliable as they come for their teams in 2019. Alonso played 161 games while Freeman suited up 158 times for the Braves. Freeman had a 35-point  batting average advantage over Alonso. Freeman hit .295 while Alonso hit .260.

Alonso had far superior power numbers to Freeman in 2019, and in the changing landscape of baseball that has become an increasingly important statistic. Alonso hit 53 round-trippers last season which was the most in the league as well as the most for a rookie in Major League history. Freeman hit 38 over the fence last season. Even though Alosno had 15 more home runs than Freeman, the R.B.I. numbers were virtually the same. Alosno drove in 120 runs while Freeman drove in 121. 

This is a testament to Freeman being on a much better team, and having more opportunities to drive in runs than Alosno did.

Alonso was also more valuable to his team than Freeman was. Alonso finished with a WAR 5.0 while Freeman had a WAR of 4.4. Alonso had the edge in Slugging Percentage and OPS, while Freeman finished with a higher OBP, more walks, and fewer strikeouts.

This was an unbelievably close race to be the named the 2019 Silver Slugger at first base in the National League. Freeman edged out Alonso by a hair, but the fact that Alonso set a rookie home run record and hit the most home runs in the entire league should have put him over the top.

Freeman is a more complete hitter than Alonso, but this is due to Freeman being in the majors for 10 seasons. Even though this is true, Freeman does not have the ability to change the tone of a game with one swing of the bat like Alonso did for the Mets countless times in 2019.

Even though Alonso lost on a Silver Slugger that he had a strong case for, he will have many other opportunities to win this award going forward.

Alonso also is expected to be named the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year when the award is announced on Monday November 11.