Mets hiring Carlos Beltran just the latest indication that Brodie Van Wagenen is running the show in Queens

Rick Laughland

When the Mets officially introduced manager Carlos Beltran on Tuesday, one man had an ear-to-ear grin plastered on his face. That man, Brodie Van Wagenen, had singlehandedly hand-picked the 22nd manager in the history of the New York Mets. 

It's clear as day that Van Wagenen wanted a manager he could control and feed data and analytics to. Beltan, a first time manager, will essentially be under the command of the front office and showed a willingness to accept input on lineup construction, pitching matchups, defensive shifts and all tasks normally assigned to a manager before the new wave of analytics took MLB by storm.

The fact of the matter is, Beltran's resume didn't stack up to Joe Girardi's or Buck Sholwalter, but with Van Wagenen in charge of the hiring process, he didn't necessarily want the most qualified candidate, but the candidate whom was most receptive to his feedback and being controlled by the front office. 

Beltran is almost a surefire Hall of Famer as a player, but he has a world to prove as a manager. While Van Wagnen's ego and longing to be the man responsible for the Mets' successes, the Beltran hiring ensures that the second year general manager gets the credit  he desires. The upside for Van Wagenen is that if Beltran struggles with the team, the fan base will be urged to stay patient with an inexperienced manager. 

The GM gets all the credit when things go well and if things go south, they can also point to Beltran's willingness to learn on the job and grow into his role as the manager.