Astros Carlos Correa calls report Carlos Beltran forced ex-teammates to comply with sign-stealing system is 'straight up bulls--t'

Rick Laughland

Carlos Beltran's tenure as New York Mets manager last barely two months due to his alleged involvement in the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. The future first ballot Hall of Famer won a World Series title with the 2017 team that was under investigation by MLB for using illegal equipment to reveal opponents' signs. According to ex-teammate Carlos Correa, Beltran was hardly the ringleader of the sign-stealing circus. 

"The thing I have a problem with (when) I read that report is that we were scared of him or we feel intimidated. We didn't feel scared of Beltran, we didn't feel intimidated. He was the nicest guy that we could ever have. He was the best teammate we ever had. Beltran was a leader of the clubhouse, but we all had a say in everything we were doing in there. Whatever he said and whatever we were doing, we had the chance to stop it as a team. Everybody. Everybody had the chance to say something and we didn't.

Beltran and former Red Sox manager Alex Cora were the supposed architects of the system that has the Astros mired in controversy. The leadership from Beltran is something that goes unheralded, but because of his deep involvement in devising the system, he's lost the benefit of the doub in the court of public opinion. 

"Whoever the anonymous source is that's saying that we felt intimidated, we're too young to say something, that's just straight up bulls--t. Beltran didn't intimidate nobody. Beltran's the nicest guy. ... you can talk to every single guy that was here in 2017. Beltran is an unbelievable gentleman and nobody -- not even you guys -- nobody, nobody, would feel intimidated by his leadership and whatever he has to say. He showed us how to play baseball hard. He was a veteran. He was inspiring. Whenever we were slumping, he was there for us. So I don't see a person that's a mentor and that's there for you when you're struggling as an intimidating person"

Clearly Beltran maintained a pristine reputation among teammates, but he has a long way to earn the trust, respect and admiration of baseball fans after this debacle.