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Brodie Van Wagenen Says Noah Syndergaard and Edwin Diaz Will be Mets in 2020

Despite Trade Speculation, Van Wagenen Expects Both Diaz and Syndergaard to be Mets in 2020

There has been plenty of trade speculation surrounding both Noah Syndergaard and Edwin Diaz. But, New York Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen pretty much made it clear that he does not have any plans to trade either of these two players this offseason. 

In a conference call with the media, Van Wagenen said "this group should be aware that Edwin Diaz is going to be on our team next year. That's our full expectation," according to SNY. 

Van Wagenen continued, saying "Noah Syndergaard is going to be on our team next year."

In regards to Diaz, despite his struggles in 2019, it does make sense for the Mets to hold onto him, being that they traded a lot of young talent to acquire him last offseason. It'd be tough to give up on him after just one season. Not to mention, Diaz is just 25-years-old and under team control for a few more seasons. 

Perhaps what he needs is a new season to regroup and return to his old form as one of the MLB's best closers. Relief pitchers have up and down years, so it would not be surprising to see Diaz flourish in 2020. 

As for Noah Syndergaard, Van Wagenen's comment are a little more interesting. Since he made it clear that the plan is for Syndergaard to remain a member of the Mets in 2020, this could mean that there is not a plan for the team to re-sign Zack Wheeler. As we head into the offseason, it seems likely that the Mets will have a decision to make between Wheeler and Syndergaard. 

Syndergaard is still under team control. But, with Wheeler being a free agent, if the Mets were to decide to re-sign him, that would probably mean that they would trade Syndergaard. As nice as it would be for the Mets to have both Syndergaard and Wheeler in 2020, it's difficult to see a scenario where both are wearing orange and blue next season (unless Wheeler accepts a one-year qualifying offer) because it will become quite expensive to keep both of them long term. But, a qualifying offer is hard to expect given that Wheeler has proved over the last two seasons that he is healthy, and an effective number two or three starter. He deserves to get paid, and the expectation is that he will get a nice contract this offseason. 

If the Mets do let Wheeler walk, they will have to find an effective fifth starter either through free agency, or by putting Seth Lugo back in the rotation. 

The Mets have a lot of decisions to make this offseason, and it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.