EXCLUSIVE: Mets source confirms that there's no Carlos Beltran announcement scheduled for Thursday

Rick Laughland

Mets fans will have to wait at least another day to hear about the fate of their embattled manager. Speaking to a reliable source within the Mets organization, Amazin' Clubhouse was able to determine that "nothing is scheduled" as far as a Thursday announcement addressing Beltran's future with the team, according to the source. 

There's reportedly been disagreements within the organization about how to handle the cheating scandal that Beltran has been implicated in. If New York moves on from the future Hall of Fame player turned manager, they'll be in effect paying three managers in" Mickey Callaway, Beltran, and the newly hired skipper. 

It's not exactly an enviable position to be in, particularly with the current ownership not exactly being on stable financial footing. Many Mets fans are lukewarm on the Beltran hiring to begin with. After his epic strikeout on an Adam Wainwright salacious curveball in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS that sent the Mets home packing and the Cardinals to the World Series, it appears Beltran will never live that down. Mets fans had Joe Girardi as their top choice before letting him leave their building without a deal and watching him sign with the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Now embroiled in the most impactful cheating scandal since MLB's steroid era and the 1919 "Blacksox" scandal, the Mets are faced with a difficult decision. MLB already fined and suspended A.J. Hinch one-year along with GM Jeff Ludnow and the Houston Astros doubled-down by firing both men. The Boston Red Sox fired manager Alex Cora for his involvement in the sign-stealing scheme that was developed during his time in Houston. 

The past few days the Mets have been sitting on their hands. It's unclear whether they're wavering in the decision to part ways with Beltran, conducting due diligence to determine the extent of his involvement, or crafting a public relations statement to smooth things over. The more this drags on, the worse it makes the Mets look. Perhaps they're waiting until Friday for a news dump to hope that this story slips through the cracks, but given the information revealed about Beltran, the decision should be clear that they cut ties with him.