First injury of Mets' Spring Training hits as Seth Lugo breaks toe in Hotel Incident

Rick Laughland

It didn't take long for the Mets' bullpen to suffer its first injury of Spring Training with Seth Lugo breaking his toe by stubbing it in his hotel room. 

The reliever's left pinky toe sustained small fracture and manager Luis Rojas deemed the injury, "not a major concern."

Lugo was an integral part of the Mets' late second half surge as the bullpen as he compiled six saves and a 2.70 ERA to go along with a 7-4 record. 

New York's rebuilt bullpen with a leaner and meaner Jeurys Familia, Dellin Betances and a supposedly re-focused Edwin Diaz will be a major talking point this upcoming season. 

It still feels as though Brodie Van Wagenen failed to fully improve once of MLB's worst bullpen's from a season ago, but it's also hard to forecast year to year how a team's bullpen will perform. 

It's unlikely that things will be as inconsistent as they will be in 2019, but Rojas' arrival as manager doesn't mean Diaz is fixed, a slimmer Familia doesn't mean he'll be more accurate, and signing Betances doesn't mean he'll reclaim 2019 form. 

If all the pieces fall into place, the Mets have the talent in the relief staff to become a top five unit, but we've heard all the "what ifs" that normally don't pan out. 

So while the Amazin's dodged a serious injury to a key reliever, Lugo will need to repeat his 2019 campaign in order for the Amazin's to climb up the NL East totem pole.