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Fox Broadcast Provides Hint That Joe Girardi is in the Running to be the Next Manager of the Mets

Joe Girardi's colleagues had a little bit of fun with him in the Fox booth when asking him questions about the Mets

While announcing game two of the ALDS between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros alongside Kenny Albert and A.J. Pierzynski, the New York Mets were brought up to Joe Girardi. The Mets are currently in search of a new manager, and Giradi seems to be one of the front runners to land the job. So, of course Albert and Pierzynski had to address the elephant in the room. 

It all started with Albert asking Girardi if he's done any research on Pete Alonso. Girardi responded by saying "I have a little bit. He's a pretty good player." Girardi also noted that he announced some Mets games during the 2019 regular season. But, did he do research on Alonso because he may be the next manager of the Mets? 

Pierzynski then jokingly asked Girardi if Alonso would be batting second for him. Girardi answered by saying "I'm taking the fifth." Girardi really didn't want to get into any details, and he continued by saying "I'm a broadcaster right now."

Despite not elaborating, this seems to be a sign that Girardi is a candidate to be the next manager of the Mets. It's a job that has plenty of appeal. The team has some up and coming offensive players such as Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, and Michael Conforto. Combine that with one of the better starting pitching staffs in baseball, and this Mets team could be a legitimate contender in 2020 if they fix their bullpen issues. 

It will be interesting to see if Girardi is hired by the Mets because he did  manage the crosstown rival New York Yankees from 2008-2017. The Mets should target a manger with experience like Girardi. Plus, he knows how to win in a tough market like New York. 

Joe Girardi and the Mets seem like a perfect match for each other. Let's see if all the parties involved agree.