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Why the Mets Need to Hire a Manager With Experience

Mets would be making crucial mistake by hiring another first-time manager

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.This old adage is especially applicable in the New York Mets search for their next manager. 

Whether it be Eduardo Perez, Tim Bogar, Carlos Beltran, Luis Rojas, or a host of other candidates, none of these men have any managerial experience. 

General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen has positioned the Mets as a win-now ballclub. The "Amazin's," do not have time for a grace period as their new manager learns the ropes of running a major league baseball team. 

Former Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson took a chance by hiring first-time manager Mickey Callaway. Now the team is in the exact same position they were two season's ago.

The Mets, and Van Wagenen, would be  making a franchise-altering mistake if they were to hire another first-time manager. 

Reports earlier this week said former New York Yankees skipper Joe Girardi has a slim chance of being named the Mets new manager. 

The Mets have been notoriously stingy with the salaries that were paid to their previous managers. 

With the championship pedigree of Girardi, he would understandably ask for top of the market compensation for his services.

Van Wagenen is looking for a manager that he would be able to control from his office, just like he was said to be able to do with Callway. Girardi will not allow the Mets to do that due to the great success he had at his other stints as manager, especially for the cross-town rival New York Yankees. 

Odds are that the Mets will go in the direction once again of a first-time manager. This will show the Mets brass is not as committed to winning as they should be. The team should do all it can to hire a manager that has previous managerial experience, which will make them more adept at handling the rocky waters that go along with managing in the "Big Apple." 

As the 2019 MLB Playoffs comes to a close, the Mets search for a new manager will only ratchet up even more. The team must avoid the mistake made by past regimes, and bring in a manager with experience.

This is the only way the Mets can reach their full potential in 2020 and beyond.