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Pete Alonso Visits The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Colbert Tests Alonso's Ability to Hit Non-Baseball Items

What other things can New York Mets first baseman, and rookie sensation, Pete Alonso hit over the fence for a home run?

The answer to that burning question came when Alonso visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday night. The surefire National League Rookie of the Year is coming off one of the best rookie seasons in the history of Major League Baseball. He took the league by storm and broke the rookie home run record with 53 round-trippers in 2019. 

Alosno's visit to Colbert was his first late night talk show appearance, and it allowed both the New York Mets, and Alosno himself, to receive recognition from the most watched late night television show in the nation.

Colbert began by asking the rookie sensation about his nickname, "The Polar Bear," and also about the lack of celebrations in the sport of baseball. Alonso even coached the comedian on how to improve his batting stance in order to hit the baseball which was being pitched to him.

Then the time for small talk had come and gone, and Alonso had to prove to the American people that his rookie campaign was not a fluke. He had to show that he was adept at not only hitting baseballs a long way, but also some other items that are not commonly hit with a baseball bat.

The segment was titled: "Pete Alonso & Stephen Colbert Hit Things Real Good."

In this segment, the comedian threw a football, a "furby," a Lego playhouse, a watermelon, a bag of flour, a pumpkin, a bag of confetti, a meatball, and a cake celebrating the righty's very successful rookie season all to Alonso to see if he could also hit them over the fence. 

The segment finished off with both men taking a bat to a car.

As was to be expected, Alonso passed the comedian's test with flying colors, and showed that he can hit many objects all very far when he is equipped with a bat in his hands.

In some ways, this appearance by Alonso on the LSSC is a cherry on top of what was a great season for the 24 year old. He had the opportunity to showcase his personality, and more importantly his talent, to the millions of people watching at home. 

The clip had racked up almost 130,00 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

Alonso will need to keep his sense of humor as he prepares to lead the New York Mets  in the most ruthless media market in the country for the next decade plus.

With Alonso's appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert it showed the rookie is not afraid to laugh at himself, and he is more than equipped to lead the Mets into what is hopefully a next chapter full of success.