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Carlos Beltran to Get 2nd Mets Interview

Is Beltran About to Become the Next Mets Skipper?

After an extensive, and, at times, ludicrous managerial search process that has included as many as eight known candidates, the New York Mets might be in the process of narrowing their search down.

According to Andy Martino of SNY, Carlos Beltran is the first known candidate that will get a second face-to-face interview.

This is significant for several reasons. First, Joe Girardi the apple of the eye of many Mets fans is getting a second interview in Philadelphia next week. There has been no word whether he will get that chance with the Mets, nor has their been any rumors about how his interview with Mets brass went.

If one wants to read the tealeaves (and I know everyone likes to do that), it looks likely that Girardi will not be the Mets skipper in 2020, which is sure to drive many Mets fans insane. You can almost hear WFAN’s Joe Beningo screaming from his house, “Oh, the pain, bro! The pain; I can’t take it, bro.”

Second, Beltran has two allies in the organization in Omar Minaya and Allard Baird. Minaya, as we know, was the Mets General Manager from 2005 – 2010, and is responsible for bringing Beltran to town when he was a free agent in 2005.

Baird was the Kansas City Royals GM in the late 90s and early 2000s when Beltran was coming up through Kansas City’s farm system.

Beltran has spoken glowingly about managing, saying he holds no ill will toward the Wilpon’s who traded him away amid a dispute in 2011.

Beltran would make sense because, 1) he would come cheap, which the Wilpon’s like. 2) It would mean that Brodie VanWagenen and the Mets front office would maintain control over the manager. It has long been believed that VanWagenen would have a tough time working with old school guys like Girardi or Buck Schowalter. Showalter hasn’t even garnered consideration by the Mets.

Remember during the season it was widely reported that VanWagenen made a habit of calling into the dugout to instruct Mickey Callaway on in-game decisions.

VanWagenen has also made a number of power play  moves since becoming General Manager. From firing pitching coach Dave Eiland during the season, to most recently firing former Mets hero Edgardo Alfonzo just weeks after he won a title for Class-A Brooklyn to name a few. 

The third reason why Beltran would make a lot of sense for the Mets is his connections to this generation of players. Beltran just retired in 2017 and garners plenty of respect around the player’s inner circle. In a world where front offices worry about how a manager connects with players, Beltran would automatically check that box.

Don’t be shocked if Beltran is the guy. This does not mean he will be. There is always a chance that it could be Girardi, or a dark horse like Arizona Diamondbacks personnel man Mike Bell, but Beltran right now appears to be the favorite in the clubhouse.