Should the Mets Fire Carlos Beltran?

Michael Cohen

The Boston Red Sox decided not to wait for Commissioner Rob Manfred to make a decision on the Red Sox portion of a sign-stealing scandal that has spanned two years and two organizations. Cora was fired Tuesday. If you want the politically correct version, the Red Sox and Cora agreed to part ways.

Cora is still expected to be punished by Major League Baseball for his role in the Astros sign-stealing scandal in 2017, in addition to the Red Sox scandal in 2018.

The question now is what about Carlos Beltran?


Beltran was named in Manfred's report -- page two of the report, if you are wondering. No other Astros player from the 2017 squad was named by Manfred, and it is clear that Beltran lied to the New York media when he said he claimed he was not aware of any cameras in center field. He lied.

Should the Mets fire Carlos Beltran? Should Brodie Van Wagenen be punished for negligence in the hiring process?

The time has come for the Mets to make a stand one way or the other.

If the Mets keep Beltran around, when they report to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training, all anyone will want to talk about is Beltran's role in the scandal.

That is not fair to the players in camp.

It is not fair to ownership.

It is not fair to the fans.

If the Mets fire Beltran, they have an experienced man on the bench in Hensley Muelens who can take the reigns and get this organization past this dark moment.

The ball is in the Wilpon's Court.