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Taking a Closer Look at Some of the Lesser Known Mets Managerial Candidates

We talk a lot about Joe Girardi and Carlos Beltran, but what about Luis Rojas and Derek Shelton?

While to some people, it may seem like a lock that the New York Mets will hire Joe Girardi to be their next manager. Girardi seems like the perfect fit given that has prior managerial experience and knows how to win in New York. We talk a lot about him and Carlos Beltran, but let's take a look at some of their under the radar candidates-Luis Rojas and Derek Shelton. 

Luis Rojas is a highly regarded candidate by the Mets given that he has worked within the organization for 14-years in a wide variety of roles. His versatility as a coach could lead some to believe that he will be a manager at some point in his career. It seems like his best shot to one day be a manger is with the Mets given that he has worked for the team for quite some time. He is just 38-years-old. 

In 2019, Rojas was the Mets' quality control coach, and he comes from a baseball family. His father, Felipe Alou, managed the Montreal Expos and San Francisco Giants. Rojas' brother, Moises Alou, was a six-time All Star, and he even played two seasons with the Mets. 

Then there's Derek Shelton. He spent time with the Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays as a hitting coach. He then worked with the Toronto Blue Jays as their quality control coach in 2017. He has continued to work his way up the ranks, and he has been the Minnesota Twins hitting coach since 2018. 

Both Rojas and Shelton will interview for the Mets' managerial vacancy, but they certainly are not the favorites to land the job. However, you look at their coaching experience, and you can tell that these guys very well may will get an opportunity to be a manager at some point. Rojas has held several roles within the Mets organization, which shows his vast knowledge of the game. Shelton also has held multiple positions for multiple teams, and looks like he's just waiting for his chance to be a manager. 

If either were to be hired by the Mets, it may shock fans because Joe Girardi is right there, potentially waiting to be their next manager. It's not a knock on Rojas or Shelton. It's simply that Girardi has the track record and experience, something this Mets team needs as they look to potentially be serious contenders in 2020. But, it can't be denied that Rojas and Shelton are baseball lifers, and it would not be surprising to see them one day managing an MLB team. 

Will Luis Rojas or Derek Shelton be the next manager of the Mets? Nothing can really be ruled out at this point. 

Only time will tell. 

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Ron Darling! Should be considered!