Amazin' Clubhouse

Mets become only New York baseball team to clinch World Series berth this decade

The Amazin's now have major bragging rights over the Bronx Bombers.

For the first time since the decade that spanned 1910-1919, the New York Yankees have failed to reach the Fall Classic. From 1910-1919 and now from 2010-2019, the Bronx Bombers haven't participated in a World Series game. 

It's music to most Met fan's ears and misery for Yankees fans. The Mets run to the 2015 World Series is the only berth in October's big series that took place with the past decade. 

Fans of the Mets have been in a tough position faced with the possiblity of a Yankees and Nationals World Series matchup and while the majority would prefer to the see squad from D.C. take the cake over the hometown gloaters, Jose Altuve made sure that the Pinstripes were going home for good on Saturday night. 

A Yankee fan base that prides itself on pride and professionalism has been anything but that over the years as several videos were posted online of fans throwing objects at opponents in the outfield and hazing and fighting opposing fans in the stands. 

While the Mets are labeled as second class citizens in their own town, none of the ugly fan behavior and incidents reared their ugly head during the Amazin's playoff runs in 2015 and 2016. 

So while the Yankees had to endure only their second World Series-less decade in franchise history, the Mets and their fans have to thank the Astros for ousting the Yankees in the 2017 and 2019 in the ALCS to put a final nail in the coffin of their championship dreams.