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Mets finalists for manager job include Carlos Beltan, Eduardo Perez, and 'mystery candidate'

The Amazin's reportedly have named three finalists for the managerial opening.

Three names have been reportedly link to the New York Mets as finalists for the open manager job and none of them are Joe Girardi. Former Mets outfield Carlos Beltran, former Major Leaguer and current ESPN Analyst Eduardo Perez and a "mystery candidate" are in the running to patrol New York's dugout. 

It surprising to say the least that Girardi is not among the finalists for the job. Now the Amazin's will likely have to contend with him managing the Phillies within the NL East or another rival in the Chicago Cubs. 

Neither Perez or Beltran have any big league experience which is what many felt would be neccesary to manage a win-now team to a deep playoff run. With GM Brodie Van Wagenen calling the shots, this managerial hiring is eerily similiar to Aaron Boone's with the Yankees whereby he became an extension of the front office and GM Brian Cashman. 

The new wave philosophy in MLB, that relies heavily on analytics and allows front offices to heavily influence lineup construction, pitching changes and defensive adjustments comes with both good and bad consequences. The Yankees, for instance, decided to start Game 6 of the ALCS with an opener instead of a starting caliber pitcher and were down 3-0 in the blink of the eye. 

Analytics may be part of the answer, but baseball has historically been a game predicated on a manager's instinct, familiarity with his team, and intuition on what players will or won't produce based on that night's matchup. 

It's disheartening to see all of these intangible skills of a manager get taken out of their hands and put into an algorythm that will determine the best lineup combination and path to victory. While the Mets seem to be the latest club following the trend that devalues the impact and scope of the job for managers, passing up on Girardi could be a mistake that the Mets won't soon live down. 

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the tin man
the tin man

I totally agree with the analysis and sentiment here. Passing on the opportunity to hire someone with Girardi's experience and success in New York is a big mistake. Compound that with the distinct possibility that he goes to a competitor and you have a double whammy. What is Mets' ownership thinking. The experiment with a novice already failed with Callaway. They will be paying his salary for a year now.

Are they trying to recoup that money by being stingy and hiring someone cheaper because he's inexperienced? Their total 2019 payroll was almost $180 million. How much are they going to save with a less-experienced manager - a couple of million?

The analytics are getting out of hand an ruining the game. Watching hitter after hitter ground into the shift is boring. The lefty-righty pitcher switches for one hitter and getting tiresome and just add to the game delay, not to mention how it wastes a roster spot by requiring excessive pitchers at the expense of a position player for backup or pinch-hitting. The game is getting worse and they are shedding fans that are moving on to other sports or entertainment. Something needs to be done or the great American pastime will be past its time.