Steve Cohen not giving up hope on taking over majority control of Mets

Rick Laughland

The deal for the Wilpons to sell the franchise to Steve Cohen is dead, but don't tell Steve Cohen that. The billionaire has reportedly not relented in trying to acquire the Mets as he still has his sights set on the SNY TV cable network owned and operated by the team and would require majority stake in it in order to get near the Wilpons' $3 billion valuation. 

The deal has been characterized as dead by many source, but with Cohen still an eight percent minority owner of the team, he's still actively in the Wilpon's ear trying to re-negotiate the terms of the agreement. 

The Mets' fan base is not thrilled with the state of the franchise and completely disenfranchised with the idea of the Wilpons owning the team long-term. The Amazin's are far from a rudderless organization, but an unsure ownership situation has created some turmoil for the bunch from Queens. 

SNY, established in March of 2006, has been the flagship station for Mets' baseball and the franchises successful television entity. It's unlikely that the Wilpons will willingly part with their crown jewel in the asking price, especially after the commissioner's remarks that Cohen's handling of the situation will preclude him from owning the team in the future. 

It's unclear whether the Wilpon's are keeping an open mind and reopening negotiations with Cohen, but if one thing is for certain, the billionaire will stop at nothing to own and operate the team he grew up footing for as a kid.