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Mets mystery candidate for managerial opening is driving everyone batty

The Mets are keeping a person's name top secret who's in the running for the managerial opening.

Alex Rodriguez? David Wright? Edgardo Alfonzo? Who is it already? 

That's the overwhelming feeling within the Mets fan base and throughout baseball. The Mets reportedly have a candidate whose name has not been released and who's in serious running for the managerial job. Aside from Carlos Beltran, Eduardo Perez, Mike Bell and Joe Girardi, there is another option that general manager Brodie Van Wagenen is keeping awfully tight to the vest. 

That option, unbeknownst to anyone, could be an in-house candidate or future Hall of Fame manager like Tony LaRussa. As the days pass without mention of candidate's identity, speculation is running rampant all over Twitter and in the tabloids. 

The candidate could have anywhere from 0 to 35 years of experience. If you can dream up a scenario for a new Mets manager to step in, then it's a possibility. New York is in win-now mode after the Amazin's hot late-August and September run fell just short of postseason contention. The question remains whether they will or will not go with a proven commodity or take another chance on a first year manager. 

With MLB de-emphasizing the manager's role and with analytics creeping into the thinking of team's front offices, players, and coaches, the current trend is moving away from historically great managers in lieu of new age thinkers with limited experience. 

The next few days and weeks will be fascinating to watch as the Amazin's narrow down the managerial search, but don't expect Van Wagenen and company to reveal the identity of their mystery candidate just yet. 

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It's Alyssa Rose!


Joe Torre. Mr Torre returns to New York to stick it to Cashman!