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With the start of spring training closing in, talks between Major League Baseball and the Player's Association have started to become more frequent.

The most recent meeting between the two happened today and went on for reportedly two hours, which more than surpassed the duration of the previous meeting, according to USA Today's Bob Nightengale

Proposals were made during the meeting, with the player's association withdrawing their proposal for players to get free agency before six years, as well as changing their proposal regarding revenue sharing between the teams, per Evan Drellich.

Although proposals were made, a deal between the two still remains out of the question, however, these meetings are still progress towards a new CBA.

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According to Hannah Keyser of Yahoo! Sports, there will be more meetings to come, with another one being scheduled for tomorrow.

There isn't any word about what specifically the two sides will meet about tomorrow. Perhaps the issue the Player's Association had regarding the lack of competition in the league will resurface during the meetings to come.

At this point, any meetings between the two are progress towards getting the players back out onto the diamond for spring training and the upcoming season.

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