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Report: Philadelphia Phillies "Likely" Top Target is Trea Turner

The Philadelphia Phillies are once again connected to shortstop Trea Turner has been coined their "likely" top target.

Here we are, another day and another "report" connecting shortstop Trea Turner and the Philadelphia Phillies. You don't even have to squint and cock your head to see the fit. It's just right there hitting you in the face over and over again.

The Phillies need an everyday shortstop. They have plenty of money to spend. And they want to get back to the World Series. Oh, and Bryce Harper and Turner have an excellent relationship from their time together with the Washington Nationals.

That being said, MLB "Insider" Mark Feinsand went on to MLB Network's Hot Stove show on Tuesday and declared that the Phillies "likely" top target is Turner.

"The Phillies are a team I've heard [Turner] connected to several times," Feinsand said.

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Huge bombshell let me tell you.

Regardless of what anyone, or everyone for that matter is hearing, it does appear that the interest and fit is there. 

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