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Despite the absence of baseball, there is still plenty of history within the Philadelphia Phillies franchise to go through.

To start off, we'll need to go back to 1938, when Grover Cleveland Alexander was inducted into the Hall of Fame, making him just the second Phillie ever at the time to receive the honor.

Alexander was inducted after a historic and illustrious career that spanned 20 years, finishing with an overall win-loss record of 373-208, a 2.56 ERA, and 90 shutouts. 

When it comes to Philadelphia pitching records, Alexander ranks highly in nearly half of the categories, leading in win-loss percentage and FIP.

For the next piece of history, we'll have to flash forward to 1994, when the Phillies re-signed Larry Andersen.

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Andersen, who at that point was at the end of his career, started his second stint in Philadelphia the season prior. However, Andersen isn't remembered in the annals of Phillies history for his pitching, but rather, his post-pitching career in which he became a color commentator.

Andersen has been color commentating in Philadelphia for nearly a quarter of a century after he filled in for the late Richie Ashburn after his passing in 1997.

Following that season, Andersen would split time between television and radio before committing to the radio gig entirely. 

Andersen has been on a reduced schedule as of late, but you can still catch him alongside his commentating partner Scott Franzke on 94.1 WIP during the season.

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