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Today's day in Philadelphia Phillies history starts in 1981 in Game 4 of the NLDS. A hard fought game between the Montreal Expos and the Phillies lead to extra innings. With the Expos leading the series 2-1, Philadelphia needed a win in order to stave off elimination. 

Leading off the bottom of the 10th inning, George Vuckovich homered and helped the Phillies to a 6-5 victory. The win tied the series up at 2-2, only for Montreal to win the following game and eliminate the Phillies.

Next up is 2005. Dave Montgomery, the Phillies president at the time, fired general manager Ed Wade. In fact, it was the first of two times Wade would be fired by the organization, his second coming in 2017 working in the scouting department. 


In 2009, Game 3 of the NLDS against the Colorado Rockies had to be rescheduled due to snow. It brings back images of Miguel Cabrera hitting a homerun in the snow to start this 2021 season. A cancelation due to snow is a relative rarity these days.

Finally, in 2010, Cole Hamels threw a shutout against the Cincinnati Reds in Game 3 of the NLDS. The Phillies won the game 2-0 in what would be an ill-fated season. Despite sweeping the Reds, the first ever postseason sweep in Phillies history, the team would go on to be eliminated by the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS, the World Series champions that season.

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