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October 20th in Philadelphia Phillies history featured a lot of success in the City Series. Taking it all the way back to 1885, the Phillies secured their third-straight City Series title with a 9-4 win over the Athletics. The series win once again solidified the Phillies' dominance in the inter-city rival.

In 1888, the Phillies continued to find success in the City Series. Charlie Buffington pitched a three-hit shoutout en route to a 12-0 victory over the Athletics. It was an incredible showing in Game 3 against the American League side.

In perhaps one of the oddest moves in franchise history, the team made a managerial change in 1914. Red Dooin was replaced by Pat Moran as manager. Where it gets weird is that not only did Moran coach under Dooin, but Moran then invited Dooin to remain on the team. As a catcher. That wouldn't happen in 2021. 


Speaking of managers, in 1926, Art Fletcher was fired as the manager of the Phillies. Probably a good thing considering he significantly contributed to the loss column in Philadelphia. 

Also in 1926, the Phillies had an NL MVP on their roster when Chuck Klein won the award. The 1926 award would be Klein's first and only MVP award despite a stellar career. Read more about Klein's career here.

And finally, the highest scoring World Series game happened on this day in 1993. The Phillies faced the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 4 of the World Series, and after blowing three leads, they lost the game 15-14.

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