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Prior to the July trade deadline, there were plenty of rumors swirling around that the Philadelphia Phillies were looking for an impact bat. One name that was constantly thrown around was left fielder and 2020 Gold Glove winner Joey Gallo.

Instead, Gallo was traded to the New York Yankees at the deadline and saw a sharp decline following the move. Now, there is speculation from Joel Sherman of the New York Post that the Yankees may be willing to offload him for significantly less than it costed to acquire him. 

Gallo was drafted by the Texas Rangers, where he made his major league debut in 2015. Since then, Gallo has been praised for his power and defense, but criticized for his approach at the plate. He embodies the "three true outcomes" of baseball in which he either strikes out, walks, or hits a home run. 


Meanwhile, his career .206 batting average will be the stat most turn to first in an argument against Gallo. But, his value goes far beyond that. Gallo's power, combined with his propensity to draw walks, means that he is an on-base machine. Couple that with his stellar defense at all three outfield positions, and now he starts to look enticing for the Phillies in left field. 

Gallo openly expressed his desire to remain in Texas ahead of the deadline. He was slashing .223/.379/.490 with 25 home runs prior to being traded. Perhaps his sharp decline in the second half in which he hit just .160/.303/.404 with 13 home runs can be attributed to the mental challenges of making a move to New York and playing in that media environment.


Regardless, it creates speculation for a potential trade this offseason. With left field as a question mark for Philadelphia, adding Gallo to the mix could help solve the need for a middle-of-the-order bat and left fielder. 

It becomes especially true if he can replicate his first half of the 2021 season, or even better, his 2019 season in which he was an MVP candidate before breaking his Hamate bone. 

There is also another potential pull: Bryce Harper.

Both Gallo and Harper grew up in Las Vegas together and played on the same Little League team. The two sluggers go way back, and to have both players patrolling the outfield together and hitting three and four in the lineup could be just what the Phillies need to get them over the top in 2022. 

Despite what happens, this offseason is sure to be a rollercoaster full of moves. The Phillies have a lot of holes to fill in President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski's first full offseason.

Buying low and trading for Gallo, if the Yankees make him available, could be one of many of those moves.

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