If there is one area where Ben Cherington has really thrived in his career, it is in the international free agent market. The Pirates hope that the signing of 16-year old Solomon McGuire will be the latest feather in Cherington's cap in this area. 

McGuire profiles as a center fielder with good range and a strong contact bat. His numbers show great speed and exit velocity to go along with his ability to hit for average.

Keep an eye on McGuire as he advances through the Pirates system because his signing was made possible by the Starling Marte trade. If you remember, in addition to the Peguero and Malone, the Pirates received $250,000 in international cap space. 

As I mentioned, Cherington had plenty of success with international free agents during his time in Boston. Both Rafael Devers and Yoan Moncada were players that Ben signed at a young age from the international free agent pool. Both of those players are turning into superstars. This isn't to say that McGuire will follow suit, only that Cherington has been as successful as any GM in finding and developing these types of players.

He certainly has a lot of options. The Pirates tweeted today that McGuire is the 43rd international signing during the period.

Solomon will join fellow Aussies, Robbie Glendinning and Brandon Bidios (who signed in September) in the Pirates system. His indirect connection to the Starling Marte trade will have me watching his career pretty closely.

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