Pittsburgh Pirates 2019 Season in Numbers

Here's a look at some interesting numbers from the Pirate's 2019 season.

With the Pittsburgh Pirates 2019 season under wraps, I've begun the painstaking process of reviewing a 69-win season. Much has been said about all the negative headlines involving the Pirates this season. Those have been covered at length. So, I thought it would be a nice change-of-pace to look that the Pirates 2019 season in numbers rather than headlines.

The numbers range from 0 to 1.3 billion. So, I covered a lot of ground. This isn't meant to be an all-inclusive list. It's only a list of numbers I either found interesting or wondered about and wanted to pass off to you. 

0 - The number of complete game shutouts for the Pirates this season. This is less about the Bucs and more about the state of the game as a whole. The Pirates were one of thirteen teams without a complete game shutout. With managers being much more conscience of pitch count, complete games are a rarity in today's game.

3 - The number of pitchers with at least 1 inning as a starter who had an ERA under 5. That's pretty jaw-dropping especially when none of those three were under 4. Michael Feliz had a start and finished with a 3.99 ERA, but he didn't make it a full inning in that start. So, he didn't qualify for my made-up number.

6 - The number of net wins (rounded up) the Pirates traded away in the Chris Archer deal. Archer's WAR this season was 0.8. Glasnow and Meadows combined for 6.4.

7 - The average number of runs scored by the Pirates in wins. The average number of runs allowed in wins is 3. Those are both pretty good numbers. The Pirates should feel pretty proud of those. However, the inverse is true for their losses and there were a lot more of those. But it's the little things.

8 - The number of walkoff wins the Pirates had this season. They also had two walkoff losses.

9 - The length of the Buc's longest losing streak this season. It was in September. So, you probably remember it - unless you've blocked that stretch from your memory. They also had two other 8-game losing streaks this season.

15 - The number of times Starling Marte grounded into a double play this season. That lead the team. Some of that is because of volume. He had 586 plate appearances. I'd just expect someone with Marte's speed to be tougher to double up than he was this season.

35 - The number of home wins for the Pirates this season. That's more than their road wins. So, home field advantage is a thing, right? Okay, it's only one more win. But, still.

83 - The adjusted ERA (ERA+) for the Pirates pitching staff this season. This metric takes into account the ballpark as well as the ERA. Since PNC Park is among the most pitcher-friendly parks in baseball, the team's ERA looks much worse than it is. The Pirates were 25th in the MLB in ERA, but dead last in ERA+. 

85 - The number of batters hit by Pirate pitches this season. That is second in all of baseball behind the Marlins. The Pirates came under criticism this season for allegedly intentionally throwing at opponents.

121 - You can't really talk about the Pirates 2019 season without talking about the defense. Pittsburgh was 29th in baseball in errors committed (121).

163 - The number of home runs hit by the Pirates. This was a record-breaking year across the league in terms of home runs hit. There were 671 more home runs hit this season in the MLB than any other season, but the Pirates managed a pedestrian 163.

18,413 - The average number of ticket sales for home games this year. I get that some of those are pre-sold, but it still shows that Pirate fans are far more gracious than most fan bases.

1.3B - The Forbes estimated value of the Pirates franchise. They rank it as the 20th most valuable franchise in baseball. Wouldn't it be something if their investment back into the team reflected that?

So, that's my reflection of the 2019 season in numbers. Feel free to join in and share your own interesting number in the comment section below.

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