Texas Rangers Mailbag: Arenado, Marte, and Odor

Chris Halicke

Rangers' GM Jon Daniels addressed fans questions about the Rangers offseason plans at Saturday's Peek At The Park. Many of those questions regarded Nolan Arenado and Nicholas Castellanos and the answers given weren't exactly what fans wanted to hear.

With the Rangers looking to turn things around this season, the curiosity continues to build throughout the fan base. 

To try to satisfy the fans' insatiable thirst for knowledge, we've addressed a few questions here on Inside The Rangers on SI. 

It's possible. That doesn't mean they wouldn't still get a haul for him. Some key pieces would still have to be part of a trade package to get him.

I think it's unlikely the Rangers land Arenado, or that he's even traded before the season starts. Rockies' management will probably take all measures possible to mend the relationship. Players like Arenado don't come along often. Giving him up while still having a solid roster than can contend for a postseason spot, no matter how great the return, that's a way to put yourself on the hot seat.

I think that package is still a little too light. I also don't know how willing Jon Daniels and the front office is to give up their top-two prospects in a trade. That could only happen if they got Arenado to waive his opt-out. 

The Rockies like their hitters, and if Willie Calhoun is on trajectory to do anything well at the Major League level, it's hit. With him slimming down and keeping the weight off, he has potential to become a decent defender. He's a valuable piece. Nick Solak is another name the Rockies could possibly enquire about. 

The Rangers being willing to take on the entire contract would help in their negotiations, but I still think the Rangers would have to give up a significant piece from their Major League roster in order for the Rockies to seriously consider it. Ronald Guzman wouldn't be enough for that. 

Starling Marte is a player the Rangers have been tied to throughout the winter. With Jon Daniels' comments on Saturday during the fan Q&A about how a trade is more likely than a free agent acquisition, that certainly thrusts the Rangers back into trade rumors swirling around Marte.

The Pirates and Mets have been talking on and off throughout the winter and it seems like that partnership seems inevitable. The Rangers could possibly swoop in and outbid for Marte, but it remains to be seen how serious the Rangers would be to give up serious pieces for only two years of a player whose defense in declining.

There's no report on this, but my educated guess is the Pirates are asking for a specific piece in return that the Rangers aren't willing to give up. It was reported earlier this winter that the Pirates were looking for a young catcher in return, so all signs would point to Sam Huff if the Rangers were to become favorable suitors for Marte.

Myself and Jared Martin, who covers the Pirates for InsideThePirates.com on SI, did a mock trade several weeks ago (external link) where we played GM for our respective teams and tried to put together a trade that benefited both teams.

Ultimately, if the Pirates new GM Ben Cherington won't do a trade with Texas without Huff in the trade package, I highly doubt the Rangers acquire Marte. 

For more of an off-the-radar trade, I like Dominic Smith from the Mets. He is a left-handed hitter, so that's not a plus, but he's a former highly-rated prospect who is now behind Pete Alonso in New York.

Acquiring Smith could give Guzman some serious competition if he can't improve with the bat. Smith could also be a DH option after Choo's contract is off the books in 2021. 

I like Smith's upside and he showed some promise in 2019 in a limited role. If the price is right, I really like the idea of that trade.

Rougned Odor has been working out in Miami this offseason and members from the Rangers organization have been out there multiple times and reported positive things from what they've seen.

Here's a quote from Jon Daniels on Saturday when he met with the media:

"We've had a few guys go visit with him down there in Miami and the reports have been outstanding. He's been communicative with what he's working on...we feel like he's in a good spot."

Daniels also gave Odor credit for not going back to Venezuela and going "off the map." Not every player works out with the coaching staff locally throughout the offseason, but him staying in communication is a positive sign for 2020. 

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