Inside The Rangers on SI 'Prospect Watch' Debuting Monday

Chris Halicke

Inside The Rangers on SI is taking another step in providing fans with fantastic Rangers coverage. 

Inside The Rangers Prospect Watch Logo

On Monday, we are debuting Inside The Rangers' Prospect Watch, bringing full coverage to everything happening in the Rangers' farm system. To kickoff this coverage, we will begin our countdown of our Rangers' Top 10 Prospects. Our #10 prospect will be revealed on Monday and we will countdown each of the top ten every day afterward. 

Our rankings are chosen by our team here at Inside The Rangers, using many different sources to make educated decisions on what we see in each and every player in the Rangers' pipeline. 

Before the regular season begins, we will release a Preseason Top 30 Prospect Watch ranking. We will also update our rankings midseason based on different factors including June's draft results, player performances, health, projections, and expected Major League ready dates. We will update the rankings again after the season ends. 

We are excited to bring this coverage to our readers. The Rangers have a lot of potential in their farm system and could help impact the ball club in the near future and in years to come. We want to keep you updated on everything happening regarding the talent of the future. 

What prospects are you excited about? Tell us in the comment section below!

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