Aches and Pains Becoming Pain for Rockies Outfielder David Dahl

Tracy Ringolsby

David Dahl's wife is expecting the couple's first child on January 29.

"That has obviously been the best part of 2020 for me and my wife," the Rockies outfielder said.

As far as baseball is concerned ... 

Dahl was placed on the injured list on Thursday with a right shoulder injury that first flared up in January, but which he unsuccessfully tried to play through. Instead, he is on the injured list for the sixth time in four big-league seasons.

"It starting hurting in January," he said. "I thought maybe the shoulder was weak, that I needed to throw more. I didn't say anything. I had been on the injured list a lot. I wanted to work through it myself."

The effort was there, but the results were not.

And so, instead of finding a self-created cure to what ailed him, Dahl found himself on the injured list for the the second time this year. He was out Aug. 19-Sept. 9 with what was officially listed as lower back soreness, although in discussing the injury Dahl referred to "an oblique injury." 

While the decision was being made on Dahl's situation, the Rockies reported that relief pitcher Scott Oberg underwent surgery on Wednesday to alleviate right shoulder problems created by blood clots. The ailment is known as arterial thoracic outlet syndrome.

"Hopefully this will help Scott in his ability to have another go at it," said manager Bud Black. 

Meanwhile, the focus was on Dahl, an All-Star a year ago.

"In Summer Camp," Dahl said of the Coors Field workouts in advance of starting up the abbreviated regular season of 2020, "it didn't feel the way it should and I compensated for it, and got the issue with my oblique.

"Then I told them about my shoulder having hurt and got a cortisone shot, but it didn't help so I tried playing through it."


"It is really frustrating that all this stuff keeps happening," said Dahl. "I put the work in and work hard. It has to pay off eventually. I know I can be a good player. I have had success up here."

He has had success like being selected to the NL All-Star team a year ago.  Dahl will be examined on Monday at Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center in his native Birmingham, Ala.

"It is a sharp pain every time I started to reach (to the side)," said Dahl. "Throwing hurts it. We're trying to figure out what is going on with it and get it straightened out."

The path Dahl has followed so far has not worked.

“Hopefully, good things will happen eventually. You’ve just got to keep going and get through it," he said. “Because I know can be a good player. I know I’ve had success while I’ve been up here. It’s a matter of availability and being out there on the field. But I’ve got to really sit down in the offseason and kind of figure out what I need to do as far as figuring out my body.”


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