By Comparsion: A Look at the Arenado Deal In Comparison To . . .


Nolan Arenado's contract is easily the biggest in Rockies history. His eight-year, $260 million deal is more than $100 million more than the 10-year, $157.75 million deal signed by Troy Tulowitzki prior to the 2011 season. It is one of only five contracts signed by a Rockies player in excess of $80 million.

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Arenado's contract has an annual average value of $32.5 million, the second largest in MLB history to the $34,416,666 of right-hander Zack Greinke with the Diamondbacks. It is the biggest AAV for a position player, $1.5 million more than Miguel Cabrerra with the Tigers. While Bryce Harper signed a contract with the largest total value ($330 million) with the Phillies this spring, it is over 13 years and his AAV of $24,088,333 ranks only 25th.

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Arenado indicated he would like to finish his career with the Rockies. There have been only 36 players in Major League history spend an entire career of 2,000 or more games with the same team.

Thirty-one of those players are in the Hall of Fame. The other five? Former Rockies first baseman Todd Helton, former Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams, former Dodgers shortstop Bill Russell, Former Royals second baseman Frank White, and former Tigers second baseman Lou Whitaker.

Of the 36, 30 played at least part of their career in the expansion era, and 22 of them have played their entire career since the start of expansion in 1961.

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