Eye on the Rockies: Seven Week Demise Has Been a Team Effort


The Rockies have been in a free-fall since June 21. They have faded from the No. 2 spot in the NL Wild Card, to ranking 10th out of the 12 Wild Card hopefuls.

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At the Plate

The most explosive offense in the NL prior to June 21, the Rockies have slipped to seventh since. The batting average has dropped 26 points.

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On the Mound

Both the starters and relievers have suffered in the seven-week meltdown. The ERA for the rotation has risen .31 and the bullpen has seen it's ERA climb by 2.11. The rotation has given up a .294 batting average since June 21, a 12-point hike, and the bullpen has seen the batting average for the opposition jump from .249 to .284.

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A team that has prided itself on defense has gone from ranking fourth in the NL in fielding percentage prior to June 21 to 11th in fielding since.

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What these stats don't show is the horrible base running the Rockies demonstrate on a nightly basis where they continue to run into outs or the poor situational at-bats, especially with runners on third base and less than two outs or the lack of a two-strike approach. Then there are the mental errors that don't show up in the box score or statistics. Too often it appears the Rockies don't show up ready to win a championship major league baseball game.

Besides Arenado, Story and Wolters, everyone else is an average or below average defender at best. Desmond, Blackmon and Murphy are well below average. That won't help the pitching staff.

Baseball teams are like water in that they seek their own level. The Rockies have the record they do based on merit. The Rockies are a bad team, and the organization does not know what it takes to win. A look at the top 30 prospects list and the low ranking for the Rockies farm system does not provide much hope. Things will get worse before they get better.

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