MLB Releases Rockies' 2021 Spring Training Schedule

Tracy Ringolsby

The Rockies will play a 32 game schedule in Arizona next spring, which will include 16 home and 16 road games.

The Rockies will open with a "road" game against Arizona at Salt River Field on Feb. 27, and then will host the Reds the next afternoon at Salt River Field.

The Rockies will play home-and-road against 12 of the 14 other teams, and will play two games at home and two on the road with the Mariners as well as with the Diamondbacks, who also are based out of the Salt River facility.

In addition to a March 24 game at Seattle's complex in Peoria, the teams will finish the spring with a three-game set in which they will play at Peoria on March 29 in between games at Salt River on March 28 and 30.

The Rockies will then open the regular season at home on April 1 with a four-game series against the Dodgers.


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