Sam's No. 3 -- It's No. 1 at Meal Time


One day, way back when, George Frazier, who did the color commentary on Rockies telecats, called me and proclaimed, "Get your truck out of the parking lot and let's go get breakfast." I told him, "I'm not getting my truck out to eat breakfast. I'm walking over to Sams' #3." Frazier reluctantly agreed to make the two block walk to my hotel and then we went a half-block to Sam's. After we ate, and started walking back to the hotel, George was on the phone to the folks at what was then Fox Sports Rocky Mountain, arranging to have his hotel switched to where I stayed. "Why," ​the corporate type asked. "Simple," said George, "it's two blocks closer to Sam's than the one you have me staying in." Breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick snack or cocktail, Sam's is the starting spot for me whenever I come to Denver.

Tracy Ringolsby

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