June 14 Memory: Barnes and Desmond Delivered Inside-the-Park Home Runs

Tracy Ringolsby

The Rockies have hit 19 inside-the-park home runs -- and two of them came on June 14.

Sunday was the sixth anniversary of Brandon Barnes' inside-the-park home run off Sergio of the Giants in what at the time was known as AT&T Park at the time. 

And it was the first anniversary of Ian Desmond's three run inside-the-park home run against the Padres in what became a Coors Field nightmare.

The Rockies led the Padres 11-4 after Desmond's inside-the-park home run in the bottom of the sixth, but wound up suffering a 16-12 loss in 12 innings. San Diego scored five runs in the top of the 12, all off Jairo Diaz. They tied the game up with six runs in the ninth off Mike Dunn (four runs) and Wade Davis (two runs).

Meanwhile, Barnes had a career that spanned six seasons. He hit 20 home runs, 10 of them during his three seasons with the Colorado Rockies. And two of those home runs were inside-the-park home runs -- nine days apart in 2014.

The second of those two came six years ago on Sunday at San Francisco off Sergio Romo. Nine days earlier, as a pinch-hitter, Barnes delivered an inside-the-park home run off Brad Ziegler of the Diamondbacks.

The Rockies have hit 19 inside-the-park home runs -- two at Mile High Stadium, 10 at Coors Field and seven on the road. 

Now, it wasn't the Rockies, but how about Yankees pitcher Ken Clay against the Texas Rangers on Aug. 27, 1977 at Yankee Stadium. With the Yankees leading 2-1, Toby Harrah delivered a three-run, inside-the-park against Clay, and the next batter, Bump Wills, delivered an inside-the-park home run of his own -- the only back-to-back inside-the-park shots in MLB history.

On Oct. 4, 1986, Minnesota's Greg Gagne became the 18th player all-time, just the second since 1930, to have two inside-the-park home runs in the same game, both off Floyd Bannister of the White Sox. 

Kansas City's Alcides Escobar grand slam in Game 1 of the 2015 World Series off of Mets starter Matt Harvey was the first World Series inside-the-park home runs since Mule Haas in 1929, and the first to leadoff a World Series game since 1903 when Patsy Dougherty circled the bases for the Boston Americans as the Red Sox were known at the time.

Roberto Clemente delivered the only walk-off grand slam  with inside-the-park home run in the Pirates 9-8 win against the Cubs at Forbes Field on July 25, 1956. Clemente connected off Jim Brosnan, who had inherited a bases-loaded-no-out situation from Turk Lown.  

Ellis Burks hit the first inside-the-park home run in Rockies history on April 15, 1994. Burks also had an inside-the-park home run for th erockies against Mike williams on June 14, 1996. 

Barnes and Charlie Blackmon (April 21, 2017 against the Giants and July 16, 2017 at the Mets) are the only Rockies to hit inside-the-park home runs in the same season.


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