Inside the Chaos of 1981—MLB's Most Severely Shortened Season


As MLB ponders playing a severely shortened season, writes Tom Verducci, it's worth diving into the chaos of the most severely shortened season: 1981

The story of MLB's 1981 season is the story of eight-day training camps, wildly unpopular wild cards, renewed hope and Bob Hope, 10,000 whistles and $10,000, and so much more (by Tom Verducci)

The return of baseball in 1981 was just as messy as Pete Rose, writes Tom Verducci. No one better personified this nutty, ad hoc window into baseball history than him

When life cuts a major league season to unprecedented brevity like it did in 1981, writes Tom Verducci, the solace is not that baseball looks the same, but that there is baseball at all

What Watergate was to the presidency, the 1981 strike was to baseball. Never again would we look at either institution with the same amount of faith, writes Tom Verducci.

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