Listen In: Verducci says Reds and Rangers have early advantage with weaker opposition

Tracy Ringolsby

What does strength of schedule really mean?

Guess what, usually the worst teams have the tougher schedule. You know why? Because they get beat up by the better teams. That's why they are so far down in the standings and so high up in the strength of schedule world.

Click to listen to Verducci's view on Rangers/Reds benefits from the schedule 

Think about this, the Yankees played 20 of their final 23 games against teams that lost 95 or more games last year, including AL East opponents Toronto and Balimotre in addition to the NL East Miami Marlins. 

Hey, Texas was 78-84 last year and that was despite a schedule that was very middle of the road -- ranked the 16th toughest out of 30.

Get the picture? 

Check out the bottom feeders last year the Marlins had the toughest schedule, and they had the worst record (57-105) in the National League. The seven teams with the most challenging schedule had losing records. And the seven teams at the bottom of the list all had winning records. 


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