Tom Verducci: Revamped Rules Could Lead to Return of Small Ball

Tracy Ringolsby

With a shortened schedule, there is a feeling that small ball -- an afterthought in recent seasons -- will enjoy a resurgence.


-- Not only did 2019 set an all-time low in MLB for sacrifice bunts, but it continued a trend in which the last four years, in order, have been the four years with the fewest number of sacrifice hits in the modern era, as baseball refers to the game since 1901.

-- While the fewest intentional walks were issued in 1961, the 2019 season had the second lowest total, 2018 was fifth, 2017 was ninth, 2016 was sixth, 2015 was eighth and 2014 was 10th.

-- With free swinging, however, has some a rising number of misses, which has led to record setting stirkeout totals. The 12 highest strikeout totals in MLB history have come in the last 12 seasons in reverse order.


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