Dodgers Get Another Opportunity to End The Championship Drought

Tracy Ringolsby

The Dodgers are post-season regulars.

They just haven't hung around for long of late.

And the frustrations are growing. 

The Dodgers last won the World Series in 1988 -- five years before the Colorado Rockies and Miami Marlins played the first game in the history of their franchises. The Dodgers stunned the Oakland A's in five games.

And since then. . . 

Well, they are in the post-season this year for the eighth year in a row, and the 14th time since that last world championship.

And after knocking off Atlanta in the NLCS with a Game 7 victory on Sunday night, the Dodgers have advanced to the  World Series for the third time since they last enjoyed the final celebration of the baseball season in 1988.

They open the quest for that elusive world championship on Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Rays, looking to erase the most recent World Series memories of losing in five games in 2018 to the Boston Red Sox and in seven games in 2017 to the Houston Astros. 


How long has it been since the Dodgers have won a World Series? Well, 19 teams have won at least one World Series since the Dodgers last enjoyed the final celebration of the baseball season.


As for the 11 teams who have not won a World Championship since the Dodgers last celebrated. ... 


-- The Rockies did not even play their first game until five years after the Dodgers last celebrated, and Tampa Bay played it's first game 10 years after the Dodgers celebration.

 -- Seattle, created in 1977, San Diego and Milwaukee, founded in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots, and Texas, an expansion product in 1961 as the Washington Senators II, are still searching for a world championship.

-- And then there are the Cleveland Indians, who have now gone 71 years since that last world championship in 1948.


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