If Baseball Can Play Games in Denver in April Why Can't It Embrace October?


Among the myriad of suggestions baseball has been considering in an effort to “get in as many games as possible” is one that would carry the regular season into October. The supporters have said it could be made feasible by having teams from cold-weather cities play home games in a warm-weather climate.

The Colorado Rockies were one of the teams that the proponents of the idea singled out for playing regular-season home games at the neutral sites in October.


So Rockies fans, who have been among the game’s most loyal since the franchise debuted in front of the largest home crowd in Major League Baseball history back in 1993, would be denied the opportunity to pack Coors Field for games -- particularly if the team is in a pennant race?

Bad idea.

Apparently the experts who have come up with the idea haven’t wasted any time on research.

If they had, they would know that October is not any more a weather headache in Denver than April. Actually, the weather in October is actually a bit nicer than it is in April, when Major League Baseball has not hesitated to allow the Rockies to play home games since their inception.

Sunday night, into Monday morning, as an example, snowfall measurements in the Denver area ranged from 11 inches in several suburbs to 17 inches in Boulder, according to Fox 31 in Denver.

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The average high is slightly more than five degrees warmer in October (66 degrees) than April (60.9 degrees) and the low is close to two degrees warmer in October (35.9) compared to April (34.2).

What's more the average snow fall in April is 6.8 inches compared to four inches in October.

April has the fourth highest annual average snowfall in Denver -- behind March (10.7 inches), November (8.7 inches) and December (8.5 inches).

October? Its average snowfall ranks seventh, ahead of only September (1.3), May (1.1) and the snow-free summer months of June, July and August.

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In their history, the Rockies have had 11 games start with a temperature of 37 or lower -- nine of them in April, including six of the seven games that started with a temperature of 35 degrees or lower.

The exceptions?

There was Game 3 of the 2009 NLDS against Philadelphia, which was a night game with a 35-degree temperature at 8 p.m., time of the first pitch. And then there was a Sept. 24, 2000 game against the Marlins, which had a 37-degree temperature at first pitch.

They have played nine post-season games in October at Coors Field -- without any postponements, including 1997 World Series Game 3 on Oct. 27, and Game 4 on Oct. 28 -- both of which were night games -- against the Boston Red Sox.

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A snowy Monday morning in April, just 100 miles north of Denver on I-25


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