Nationals End 51-Year Wait for World Championship; Six Others Still Waiting


In their 51st year of existence, the Nationals, who came into being as the Montreal Expos during the expansion of 1969, knocked off the Houston Astros in seven games to claim the first world championship in franchise history. And they did it on the Astros' turf, becoming the only team in World Series history to win four games on the home field of the opposition.

This was the first World Series in which the visiting team won every games. The Astros joined 10 other teams that were 3-0 on the road. What distinguishes the Astros is they may have won all three games in Washington, but they are the only one of the 10 teams that lost the World Series.

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While the Nationals did sweep the Cardinals in the NLCS, they had to rally to win each of their three other post-season challenges, including overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the eighth inning of the Wild Card Game, and then in Games 6 and 7 en route to becoming the first team ever to go 4-0 on the road in the World Series.

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The Nationals celebrated making it to the World Series for the first time in their 51st year of existence, the longest wait for any team in history to play in the World Series. But they also won the World Series.

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The Rangers just finished their 52nd season without winning a World Series, which is the longest a team has gone without winning a world championship, but they have, at least, been to the World Series twice.

With the Nationals advancing to the World Series -- much less winning it -- the Mariners are the only team among the 30 current franchises to have never appeared in a World Series, and one of six teams to have never won a world championship.

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The world champion Astros average 31 years of age, the oldest roster in MLB this year, according to The five teams with the oldest rosters all advanced to the post-season. And all 10 post-season participants were among the 14 oldest teams in MLB in 2019.

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