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Selig Award Shows Just How Much Royals Are a ‘People’ Organization

If there's one thing we know about the Royals, it's that they care about their people.

On Friday, the Kansas City Royals were given the Allan H. Selig Award for Philanthropic Excellence due to their outstanding achievements in giving back to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The club used the Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy, located less than 15 minutes from Kauffman Stadium, as a facility for various education and learning programs. It was also a center for locals to vote and receive their COVID-19 vaccines. 

Chairman John Sherman recently spoke about his team's award win and what it means to everyone involved:

"Our entire organization is humbled by this award, especially as all 30 MLB clubs do impactful work in our communities," Sherman said. "I am grateful for the commitment and passion of our associates and am inspired by their resiliency. There is much more to do. The work continues, with gratitude for the opportunity to support the region we love."

This development shouldn't surprise anyone, as the Royals have always been about their "people." They have a proven track record of standing by players as they endure personal or professional troubles. They're well known throughout baseball as an organization that is world-class. Everyone knows that the Royals truly do care.

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This was evident last May when the club announced that it wouldn't be releasing any of its Minor League players and would continue to pay them. When most of Major League Baseball was opting to cut costs by dumping parts of their Minor League rosters or choosing to not play them at all, the Royals took care of their "people." That's the type of organization they are.

Can the Royals' loyalty exist to a fault? At times, sure. With that said, the good that comes with doing things the right way and treating folks like human beings instead of mere cogs in a machine is worth the trade-off. It's part of what makes Kansas City such a great place. The Royals will continue to operate as a business and a pillar in the local community, and their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic are being recognized around the league. 

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