By Ted Keith
October 02, 2012

Adam Greenberg Adam Greenberg was beaned on July 9, 2005 by Marlins pitcher Valerio de los Santos. Tonight he'll be batting for the Marlins. (AP)

Tonight, Adam Greenberg will make just the second major league appearance of his professional career, which began back in 2002. Greenberg, now 31, first reached the bigs as a 24-year-old with the Cubs in 2005 but was hit in the head by the only pitch he faced and never made it back to the majors. Last week the Marlins announced they had signed Greenberg to a one-day contract and said they would give him an at-bat tonight against the Mets. Greenberg's saga has gotten plenty of attention over the years, and his return to the majors might not have been possible if not for the crusade of a filmmaker and lifelong Cubs fan named Matt Liston who is making a documentary about the quest  to get Greenberg another at-bat.

Over at SB Nation, Rob Neyer points out that this is far from the first time an MLB team has done something like this. There was the self-proclaimed good luck charm for the 1911 Giants, the clown prince of baseball in the 1920s, the little person who pinch-hit for the Browns and the quinquagenarian who was brought back not once but twice by the White Sox more than a decade after he first retired. Neyer goes into more detail on each of the above scenarios and mentions several others. Give it a read here. And to read what Greenberg himself thinks about his seven-year journey back to the majors, check out his first-person account on

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