By Cliff Corcoran
May 30, 2013

Mike Redmond, Marlins Mike Redmond has had very few reasons to smile this season. (AP)

It's easy for us to make fun of the Marlins for their major league-worst .245 winning percentage, their mere 2.74 runs scored per game, their 68 team OPS+, for the fact that they have won consecutive games on just three occasions all season and for having gone 2-15 in their last 17 games. Sure, it's a laugh, but Mike Redmond, the team's rookie manager, has to live with that day in and day out knowing that the front office's gutting of the roster and Giancarlo Stanton's bad hamstring could combine to end his managerial career before it ever really gets started. It's easy for us to forget that, but we got a glimpse of it on Wednesday when someone accidentally flicked out the lights on Redmond's post-game press conference, a symbolic gesture in and of itself.

If you missed it, what Redmond said at the end was, "wish it was that dark when I close my eyes at night."

I'm not sure I've ever heard a more ominous comment from a major league manager. It's enough to make you wonder what it is Redmond sees when he tries to sleep. Here are five possibilities:







Or maybe sees the same thing Eric Cartman does when he closes his eyes. [warning:

legitimately disturbing imagery

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