By Cliff Corcoran
June 15, 2013

It took longer than we expected, but the rash of injuries that decimated the Yankees' lineup is finally having an effect on the former Bronx Bombers. The Yankees have outscored only the Astros, White Sox, and Mariners in the AL this year, and if you take out the 25 runs they scored in two games against the Indians in early April, they have averaged just 3.7 runs per game on the season, a rate that would drop them below the Astros as well.

Then there are scenes like this one from the top of the seventh inning in Anaheim on Friday night. Coming off an 18-inning game in Oakland on Thursday, the Yankees gave Robinson Cano a partial day off as the designated hitter resulting in an infield that had rookie David Adams at second base, cast-off Reid Brignac at shortstop, and futility infielder Jayson Nix at third base. Adams and Brignac had never played beside each other in the middle of the infield prior to Friday night, and when Peter Bourjos lifted an easy pop-fly to second base to lead off the seventh, this happened:

GIF: The Yankees infield teach you how not to handle a pop up.


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