By Cliff Corcoran
September 10, 2013

[mlbvideo id="30466651" width="600" height="360" /]

Major league home run leader Chris Davis has done some pretty impressive things at the plate this year, but the most remarkable may have been this foul ball he hit against CC Sabathia in the first inning of the Orioles' 4-2 win over the Yankees on Monday night.

Davis fouled the ball into the dirt only to have it bounce up, ricochet of his knee into his chest, then roll into the gap between the buttons on his jersey. Every now and then, you'll see a ball sneak into the jersey of a player trying to field it, as proper fielding technique involves bringing the ball in toward your chest and/or using your chest to keep the ball in front of you. Some examples from recent years:

Jarrod Parker:

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Sean Rodriguez:

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Brooks Conrad:

[mlbvideo id="9245953" width="600" height="360" /]


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