By Jay Jaffe
September 24, 2013

As the Mike Trout — or maybe the Mariano Rivera, since I'm 43 years old — of avoiding pop cultural memes, I can't claim to be familiar with Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines," which somehow spent 12 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart this past summer without my blessing. I am, however, familiar with the Atlanta Braves, who've spent even longer atop the NL East and who now have a "Blurred Lines" parody (called "Baselines") in their honor that's gone viral and which you can see above.

The work of comedian Aaron Chewning, a Braves fan, features local rapper Austin Miles plus the team's mascot, Homer the Brave, as well as members of their dancing Tomahawk squad and drumming Heavy Hitters. It also features a cameo by former Braves catcher Javy Lopez, a three-time All-Star who spent 12 of his 15 major league seasons with the Braves and was part of their 1995 World Series winners.

Via Chewning's own site, here are the lyrics, which name-check the Uptons, the Johnsons, the Freddies, Kimbrel and Uggla as well as Sports Illustrated ( as "SI magazine" ). The chorus, which is 100 percent guaranteed to get stuck in your brain, is as follows:

And we’re the best team in the whole world!

We got the Uptons,

We got the Johnsons,

We’re pretty awesome.

The whole world!

They ain't ready,

We got the Freddies,

We’ve won already,

All these baselines!

I got a feeling,

This post season,

We gon' be winning,

It’s about time!

We punched our ticket,

To get that pennant,

We’re gonna win it.

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