By Cliff Corcoran
January 29, 2014

We haven't seen Albert Pujols in action in an Angels uniform since he tore the plantar fascia in his left foot in Oakland on July 26, but you can catch the three-time MVP Thursday morning on Sesame Street. Pujols appears on the iconic children's show to help to illustrate the word "athlete" along with lovable, furry, old Grover, who spends most of the segment oblivious to the fact that he's standing next to arguably the greatest baseball player of this century.

After Grover attempts to illustrate the word only to reveal his incompetence at football, basketball and tennis, the two have this exchange.

Grover: "I'm afraid we cannot show them an athlete today, Albert."

Pujols: "Yes we can."

Grover: "What are you talking about, Albert?"

Pujols, lifting his first baseman's mitt into the frame: "I'm an athlete!"

Grover: "You? Haha! Get out of town."

Pujols: "It's true! I'm a professional baseball player, Albert Pujols."

Grover: "So you are an athlete."

Pujols, turning to the camera: "Yes, I train to play baseball, and I'm good at baseball."

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