By Jon Tayler
March 18, 2014


Mark Teixeira, who is thinking about the bees again. (via Pinstripe Alley)Mark Teixeira, who is thinking about the bees again. (via Pinstripe Alley)


Tuesday's Grapefruit League game between the Red Sox and Yankees found itself in a weird delay: Bees in the left-field corner of Tampa's George M. Steinbrenner Field resulted in a brief stoppage, as the grounds crew attempted to get rid of the insects. The swarm eventually took off, but not before Mark Teixeira offered up a suggestion of his own as to how to get rid of the bees: Bribing them with some of their own sweet, delicious honey.

How Teixeira planned on getting said honey to the bees, and how Teixeira managed to get two bottles of honey that quickly, and why Teixeira thought that the bees would in any way, shape or form want processed honey, and why Teixeira thinks that one can negotiate, in any real sense of the word, with bees, all remain unanswered at this time. But you at least have to give him credit for trying.

And honestly, as bizarre and bad as Teixeira's solution was, there were worse ones proffered on the part of the Yankees.

UPDATE: From Jesse Spector at Sporting News comes Teixeira's explanation of why he went with the honey option.


"What I thought was, if you could just do a line of honey out to the parking lot, the bees would maybe follow it, and then just leave us alone."


And now we all have a mental image of Mark Teixeira Pied Piper'ing a swarm of bees out of a stadium by squirting honey all over the ground. Bless your heart, Mark.

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